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Mixed Media Artist

It has been over a decade now that I have gravitated to Mixed Media as my preferred Art Form. For me, Mixed Media is liberating. It allows me to explore and collect. It fuels my love of paper, found objects, repurposed and recycled materials. I collect vintage papers, international newspapers, magazines, and treasure hunt for diverse found objects. The unexpected additions, like corrugated box papers, personal photographs, give my work the details that I am intent on creating.


Recently, I discovered Printmaking after taking a course at a local Museum school. It was at this time I started to incorporate Prints into my work and seeing that it was impossible to replicate the school setting with their large and expensive machinery, I learned how to do Printmaking at my home studio. I experiemented with various substrates and learned how to use a Gel Plate to keep the creation process going. I continue to use these prints, incorporating and collaging them into my work. I work on many different substrates from canvas, paper, canvas board, rice paper, tissue paper, heavy gauge Artists papers, and the like. My pieces showcase the variety of materials and allows for complexity of design and composition.

I move from intuition and this organic radar is what directs my work. Although it is spontaneous and eclectic, I do have a signature style. I have experimented with creating bird houses, repurposing books, crafting ATC's (Artist Trading Cards), and repurposing boxes. I envision the endless possibilities of everyday objects looking to find new life for them in my expressive Art.

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